Insulation Behind Your Drywall

We are now inside the bathroom that we just dry walled on the outside and we’re about to start preparing to drywall the interior of this.

dry wall insulation

Now before we go ahead with drywall we’re going to start out and put some insulation in here so that whoever is using the bathroom doesn’t have to worry about somebody outside well, listening in on their business so we’re going to insulate this to give it a little more sound dampening and then we’ll get started dry walling. So insulation comes in a couple different kinds. There is:

R-13 which is mainly for walls.
R-30 are for attics and for basements

the difference between them is that an R-13 has a little less insulation than the other types. Other insulation are thicker and provide more insulation against cold and weather. So we are going ahead and starting to insulate.

So as we are doing this we have him cutting out for different things like we have a pipe running in here so a full piece wouldn’t fit over this so we had to cut it and then fill in the spaces around it. Now the next thing we are going to do is this small little bay and to accomplish that we are going to go ahead and cut a slice right down the middle and then fit it in to fit.

The easiest way to cut insulation is to run it over a piece of wood, put another piece of wood over the top of it, crush the insulation down to as thin as you can get it and then run a knife alongside the wood. I will demonstrate that in a second. See a lot of times insulation cutting it is really hard because it is fluffy and it tends to separate like this. So what we do is we smash it and we smash the insulation so it becomes thinner and it makes it easier to cut it.

So you’ve got a piece of wood, you lay it on the ground, or any place else, put the drywall across it, you take a piece of wood, you smash it down and you take your knife and you cut it and it cuts a lot easier if you have a sharp blade than trying to cut it the regular way so that was a lesson in cutting dry insulation. So the man is going to get back in here and he is going to finish insulating and then once he gets done insulating we are going to go ahead and drywall the interior.

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