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  • Calculating Dry Wall

    This is Rob on behalf of Rbrockman Construction. In this quick but insightful little article, I will be talking about calculating materials for drywall.

    calculating dry wall

    Each sheet of drywall is 4 feet, so I am going to go ahead and measure the length of my wall. The measurement of my wall is 23 feet long so I am going to take 23 feet long divided by 4 feet for each section of drywall and that will give me 5 full pieces of drywall and a little bit of another piece of drywall. So I know that I will need at least 6 full sheets of drywall to cover this wall when I go buy my drywall. My next wall measures 20 feet in length divided by 4 feet for each section of drywall. It gives me 5 full sheets of drywall that I am going to have to buy. Now I am going to go ahead and buy an extra sheet of drywall just in case I make any mistakes. So I have 6 sheets on my first wall, 5 sheets on my second wall and then 1 extra sheet just in case I make a mistake, which gives me a total of 12 sheets of 4 feet wide by 8 feet high drywall and again, I chose a 5/8’s inch thick piece of drywall.

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    make sure you get the compound right in the center of the knife because you’re doing it in the center, you’re not doing a third coat. Do it right in the center. Now you grab the edges just like I told you. Grab this edge, grab that edge, and then you grab the center. Basically, with the sheet rock it’s pretty easy. All you need is your screw gun, a level, your tape and knife, your spatula, and that’s basically it. As soon as you screw up your sheet rock, you go through these little steps and basically, you have a room done. For the floor part, let me show you real quick.